#50 MUFF Match!

Jan 30, 2018219 minutes

You asked for it! Thanks for helping us choose our very special milestone movie -- 1996's all-lesbian, field hockey, sex romp -- MUFF Match! On this ep, we get very intimate with Heather's grandmother's knickers, Angi realizes she loves watching lesbians eat oranges, Shea discovers she doesn't like every movie, Matt gets hitched, Zoey is human (kind of), Justin is still a Special boi, Alistair contemplates buying a terry cloth one-piece, Drew is only ok with product placement if it's for potato chips, Big John turns everybody on with his nose job, Jared shows off his new 'Pupstar 2' tat. Then, we dive into the weird world of flexi-disc records!


Catch and Release, Songs On Trial, PG BOOBS (or PG Tits?), What Movie Is This?, James Best, Listener Feedback, and so much more!

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