Mar 14, 2018193 minutes

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#53’s Feature Presentation is the stupidest film EVER about mind-controlled, steroid-using wrestlers, that moonlight as criminals -- and we mean that in the best way!!!! SUPERFIGHTS (1997)!!!!!!


Catch and Release, Fun Film Fact, Deluxe Edition of Songs On Trial, James Best, Listener Feedback and more!!!!!

Songs On Trial:

Beauregarde - I Got Something (1971)

Neoandertals - Homo Floresiensis

MOTLEY CRUE - Glitter (1997)

Dwn2earth - Frosty (2018)

Gerry Rafferty - Get Out of My Life Woman (1992)

Daniel Lavoie - 100 Kilowatts (1992)

Cher - The Shoop Shoop Song (It's In His Kiss) (1990)

Big Smo - Hick Ross (2014)

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