#67 Nothing Lasts Forever (1984) !

#67 Nothing Lasts Forever (1984) !

A previously LOST film starring Bill Murray & Dan Akroyd?!

Show notes

This week we are joined by Kevin from the Junk Food Dinner podcast and we review the previously lost film 'Nothing Lasts Forever' from 1984! Produced by Lorne Michaels, starring Zach Galligan (star of Gremlins), Bill Murray, Dan Akroyd, Mort Sahl, Sam Jaffe, and Bud Melman (!!!), amongst others. This beautifully intelligent comedy must be seen to be believed. Yet, it never had ANY official theatrical or home media release EVER! It blew our fucking minds.

True to form, as we covered a LOST movie, we *almost* had a LOST episode [fucking computer problems :( ], but the Compañeros prevailed!

Also: Catch and Release, Fun Film Fact, Songs On Trial, What Movie is This?, James Best has ANOTHER T-Shirt Giveaway, and so much more!

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