#07 PIN! (w/ special guest Damon Packard!)

Aug 2, 2016144 minutes

In this very special episode we check out 1988s sexually-dysfunctional, anatomically-correct-mannequin-thriller-from-Canada: PIN!!! Also we have the best and worst releases of the week, we listen to some of the worst songs ever recorded, and we break down some kooky phone sex-operator's painfully unsexy podcast! Plus we have legendary underground director Damon Packard (Reflections of Evil, Foxfur, Space Disco One) joins our cast!!!

Plus PG boobs, James Best's Best Movies Ever, puppet songs, and some of the greatest podcasting antics of this century!!!

Zero Oscars guaranteed! Grind-house, exploitation, z-grade, b-movie, drive-in, sex-comedy, Hollywood disasters, outsider music and kooky antics abound!!!

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