#79 Love on a Leash

#79 Love on a Leash

The craziest movie of all-time?

Show notes

Just re-upping this because it got lost in cracks during the feed migration... but also watch our Cable Acess Show HERE

We have transitioned from Companeros to Movie Melt! And for our feature presentation, we breakdown the most insane move we've ever covered (and that's saying something) -- 'Love on a Leash'. Do yourself a favor and watch it HERE

As of now, we're waiting for iTunes, Spotify, and Google to publish our new feeds for Songs On Trial and Get Soft -- which could take up to a week. We'll post links as soon as they're done! 

What Movie Is This - Dog edition, a Van Damme Fun Film Fact, listener feedback, and Bobby from The Grindbin Pod as a very special guest! 


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