MM#111 Street Beat (1993) + Ross Hagen 4ever

MM#111 Street Beat (1993) + Ross Hagen 4ever

Show notes

Heather, Carlo, Dan, and Matt solve the mystery behind a movie streaming on Troma’s website where the actual description reads: “I’ll level with you, I can't find a damn thing on this movie.” Challenge accepted! We came, we watched, we conquered Street Beat (1993)! Also, this ep is a tribute to our love for hunky auteur Ross Hagen.

Director: Ross Hagen Writer: Ross Hagen Stars: Nancy Ticotin, Thyme Lewis, Dennis Kelly Synopsis: A cop and a gang member trade places and find more than they bargained for through the power of music and love.

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Check out Byrne Offut's website here and Ross Hagen's previously unavailable film Murder on the Yellow Brick Road (2003) here

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