MM#107 Deadly Spygames (1989)!

MM#107 Deadly Spygames (1989)!

Show notes

Shea, Heather, Klon, Danand Matt cover Movie Melt’s very first married couple vanity project -- the incomprehensible Deadly Spygames (1989)!

Director: Jack M. Sell Writers: Adrienne Richmond (Sell), Jack M. Sell Stars: Jack M. Sell, Troy Donahue, Adrienne Richmond (Sell), Tippi Hedren

Synopsis: A special agent for the United States Special Operations Bureau finds himself in deep trouble when a relative of a Soviet General is found to be a Christmas serial killer. Yeah, you read that right. It doesn't make any sense.

Links: Jack Sell’s Ebay with tons of cool stuff Buy Ramboner on Shea’s VHS label Black VVideo Watch the movie HERE Check out Dan’s other podcasts HERE and CRUD Buddies HERE

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