MM#116 I Hate My Body (1974)

MM#116 I Hate My Body (1974)

Show notes

Director: León Klimovsky Writers: Solly Wolodarsky Stars: Alexandra Bastedo, Narciso Ibáñez Menta, Manuel de Blas Synopsis: The brain of a male engineer is transplanted into a female's body. He soon finds it very frustrating to cope with the daily sexist discrimination most women deal with. For example, he is surprised when no one will hire a female engineer. When he is faced with dealing with female sexuality, he quickly begins exhibiting lesbian tendencies.

Heather,Shea, David, Alistair, and Matt watched the Spanish genderbent Trans-sploitation film I HATE MY BODY (1974)!

Plus: Catch and Release, WMIT, and so much more!!!!


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