MM#161 Maximum Justice AKA The Waterfront (1998)!

MM#161 Maximum Justice AKA The Waterfront (1998)!

More Vanity Project Goodness

Show notes

The gang has found another undiscovered gem of a vanity project. It's got wig and glue-on beards from the dollar store, an allstar cast, uncomfortable sex, awkward montages and a soundtrack that'll make you cry. It's absurdity nearing the heights of Champagne and Bullets and good times for all.

Starring:L.P. Brown III, Corey Feldman, Martin Kove, Scott Valentine, Tane McClure, Timothy Bottoms, Robert Z'Dar, Todd Bridges, Rena Riffel, Roxana Zal, and a very chubby Joe Estevez

Plus Battle of the Bands and more!

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