MM#172 Severed Ties (1992) a Fangoria Wisconsin-sode

MM#172 Severed Ties (1992) a Fangoria Wisconsin-sode


Show notes

Fangoria Wisconsin?! Yes! We uncover the forgotten 'Windsor Lake Studios' legacy of horror, nestled deep in the Northwoods of Wisconsin. A small town teen with a dream of being a Hollywood FX artist somehow hits the jackpot when the producers of 'Hellraiser' unexpectedly set up shop in his rural small town in the late 80s-with a vision of pure terror! Tonight we cover the forgotten Fango Films, practical FX extravaganza, creature feature 'SEVERED TIES' from 1992 w/ Hank Carlson (of KNB EFX Group) joining the cast to tell the unlikely underdog story: breaking into the horror movie biz as teen in the 80s!

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