Movie Melt #90 Die Hard Dracula (1999)

Movie Melt #90 Die Hard Dracula (1999)

Show notes

Director: Peter Horak Stars: Bruce Glover, Denny Sachen, Kerry Dustin Matt, Angi, Shea, and Brady watched the film written, directed, and starring Czech stuntman-extraordinaire, Peter Horak! Bruce Glover (Crispin Glover’s dad) plays the inept Van Helsing vampire hunter in this film where gorgeous 1990s CGI reigns supreme!
Hold onto your flying coffin, because this one is a wild ride!

Plus: We almost covered a whole other movie, find out why we changed our minds! And who will be crowned the King/Queen of Useless Information in the Movie Melt Pissing Contest???

The Man Who Fell From the Sky - A Peter Horak Documentary

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