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Episode 004 - Fashion and Accessories

Jun 30, 201524 minutes

Creating a podcast is a lot more work than you would think. But it is really a great opportunity to research Microsoft Surface, learn about audio recording software and equipment. We are continuing to streamline our process. This weeks Episode took about 5 hours in post-production – next weeks about 2 hours.

This week Colin and David cover News, Accessories, Tips and Tricks and some HR Issues:

  • In news this week we talk about two important Stephens. First Stephen Hawking leaves our podcast and somewhat less importantly Stephen Elop leaves Microsoft.
  • Colin shows David how to use a Microsoft Surface and OneNote with a stylus/pen for writing notes in a eeting. This can be much less obtrusive in meetings then unpacking your laptop, connecting the charger and mouse.
  • There are many fantastic accessories available for the Microsoft Surface. Some are specifically deigned for the Surface like they keyboard and docking station. Others like mice, displays and USB devices are standard off-the-shelf devices you might already have.
  • We have our first rant in this Episode – Colin complains about “how hard it is to get a Podcast listed the Microsoft Podcast Directory".
  • Matt Murphy is our new sound engineer is a technical writer by day, musician by night and squeezes editing our podcast in on Tuesday evenings. Welcome Matt!
  • This weeks whiskey is the Macallan 18 15, Fine Oak

This week's sponsor is Bridgeways.com, the monitoring, reporting & analytics Company.

Episode 003 - Triple Distilled

Jun 19, 201529 minutes

Episode 002 - Same Same But Different

Jun 12, 201534 minutes

Episode 001- How do you spell Lapable?

Jun 4, 201525 minutes

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