#13 Microwave Massacre!

Oct 25, 2016155 minutes

In our spookiest episode ever (fatefully #13), the gang dives into 1983's delicious low-budget T&A horror-comedy -- Microwave Massacre!!! Plus, Catch & Release, Song On Trial: Cult Leader Edition, PG Boobs, Fun Film Fact, Mini Movie...

#12 Bachelor Flat!

Oct 11, 2016156 minutes

This week the gang dives into Frank Tashlin's archeological sex farce Bachelor Flat (1962)! We also have Catch & Release, another Celebrity Edition of Songs on Trial, Compañeros Fun Film Fact, James Best's Best Movies Ever, and Dachshunds galore!

#11 Terror Eyes!

Sep 27, 2016131 minutes

This episode comes howling out of the VHS Vault with 1989s 'Terror Eyes'! A Vivian Schilling Horror Anthology, guest-directed/written by college students! Plus, Catch and Release, PG Boobs, Songs on Trial (Celeb Edition), Compañeros Fun...

#10 Parole Violators!

Sep 13, 2016137 minutes

This episode we tackle the absolutely bonkers, DIY outsider action flick from 1994, Parole Violators! Irresponsible stunt work, incomprehensible dialogue, and porn-level acting abound in this z-grade action romp! Plus we have Catch and Release, Songs...

#09 Over the Summer!

Aug 30, 2016171 minutes

Summer is almost over, so we review our sleaziest, trashiest, darkest, and bleakest movie yet! 1984s skeezy hillbilly coming-of-age flick, Over the Summer! Not only that, we check out the best and worst releases this week, songs on trial, PG...

#08 Spring Break!

Aug 16, 2016135 minutes

Summer is in full swing, so what better way to celebrate than with Sean Cunningham's (director of the OG Friday the 13th) awesome teen sex-comedy, Spring Break from 1983!? Plus, the best and worst movie releases of the week, we listen to some of the...

#07 PIN! (w/ special guest Damon Packard!)

Aug 2, 2016144 minutes

In this very special episode we check out 1988s sexually-dysfunctional, anatomically-correct-mannequin-thriller-from-Canada: PIN!!! Also we have the best and worst releases of the week, we listen to some of the worst songs ever recorded, and we break...

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