#06 The Female Bunch!

Jul 19, 2016124 minutes

Sadistic uber-babes on horseback!? YES! This episode we dive into the The Female Bunch!! Cruel and foxy hotties abound in this Z-grade drive-in flick. We also discuss Al Adamson, his murder, and the film's Manson Family connection. Not to...

#05 Showdown In Little Tokyo!

Jul 5, 2016146 minutes

This time the gang checks out 1991's homoerotic, buddy-cop, romance-and-revenge flick, Showdown In Little Tokyo! Starring Dolph Lundgren, Brandon Lee, and Tia Carrere! Plus... Catch and Release, Songs on Trial, Jake Tries to Convince...

#04 Backtrack AKA Catchfire!

Jun 21, 2016130 minutes

Holy smokes! This episode we check out Dennis Hopper's (or Alan Smithee's) star-studded super-mess with Stockholm Syndrome and saxophones, BACKTRACK! AND... we have catch and release, songs on trial, PG boobs, James Best's best movies ever, an oracle...

#03 Road To Revenge aka "GETEVEN"!

Jun 7, 2016135 minutes

This week we venture into 1994's delusional vanity project of trial lawyer John De Hart, Road to Revenge! It's a surreal, romantic, and (atonal) musical disasterpiece! Truly, one-of-a-kind z-grade schlock with a heart of gold,...

#02 The Hidden!

May 24, 2016113 minutes

This episode we check out 1987s cassette-blasting, uzi-toting, bank-robbing, Ferrari-racing, parasitic-alien-body-swapper...The Hidden! Directed by Jack Sholder. Also, best and worst releases of the week, songs on trial, Jake tries to convince Matt to...

#01 Nightmare Weekend!

May 10, 2016105 minutes

We watch 1986's psychotronic boob-fest wit sock puppets "Nightmare Weekend"!!! Also: Best and worse releases of the week, songs on trial, Jake tries to convince Matt to like Anime, PG-boobs, tales from the porn store, and more!!!! bonus - Jake...

#0 Go Go Compañeros

May 7, 201638 minutes

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