#70 Def By Temptation (1990) !

Nov 20, 2018177 minutes

Now Out On Blu-ray From Vinegar Syndrome

#69 Ninja Zombie (1992)!

Nov 7, 2018154 minutes

Another hidden gem from Bleeding Skull / AGFA???

#68 Freaky Halloween Music Mix!

Oct 24, 20183433 minutes


#67 Nothing Lasts Forever (1984) !

Oct 9, 2018181 minutes

A previously LOST film starring Bill Murray & Dan Akroyd?!

#66 D.E.B.S. ! (2004)

Sep 25, 2018208 minutes

Lesbian espionage (aka lespionage) directed by women for women!

#65 Bad Guys! (1986)

Sep 11, 2018215 minutes

1986 was the year wrestling peaked, and the movie Shea decided to breakdown is proof -- Bad Guys starring Adam Badwin and Sgt. Slaughter! Plus Catch and Release, Songs On Trial, What Movie is This?, James Best has ANOTHER T-Shirt Giveaway, and...

#64 How to Fill a Wild Wet T-Shirt!

Aug 28, 2018197 minutes

The gang does Spring Break in the summer as we time travel to 1986 Fort Lauderdale, Florida for a wet t-shirt contest at the Candy Store! That's right, another slice of life documentary! Plus: Catch and Release, Songs On Trial, What Movie is...

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