#55 Tough Guys Don't Dance!

Apr 11, 2018227 minutes

the gang dives into the dumb dabbbbid lynch flick, written and directed by norman mailer, plus big dogs walking in that pussy!

#54 The Suspicious Death of a Minor

Mar 28, 2018197 minutes

Crazy tunes! Crazy people! Crazy sandwiches!!! Call us!!! (724) 2GOGO-69


Mar 14, 2018193 minutes

CALL US ON OUR NEW HOTLINE! (724)2GO-GO69 or (724) 246-4669 !!! #53’s Feature Presentation is the stupidest film EVER about mind-controlled, steroid-using wrestlers, that moonlight as criminals -- and we mean that in the best way!!!! SUPERFIGHTS...


Feb 27, 2018198 minutes

RIP Jamaa Fanaka

#51 Illegal Aliens (We Love Anna Nicole Smith)

Feb 14, 2018229 minutes

(we also love Chyna)

#50 MUFF Match!

Jan 30, 2018219 minutes

You asked for it! Thanks for helping us choose our very special milestone movie -- 1996's all-lesbian, field hockey, sex romp -- MUFF Match! On this ep, we get very intimate with Heather's grandmother's knickers, Angi realizes she loves watching...

#49 Diet Compañeros: the Accidentally Fart-cenrtic Show

Jan 10, 2018160 minutes

Vote for the movie we watch on episode #50 HERE!!! Fact: 1,000 votes and we will have a blood orgy. This ep the gang talks about their cinematic faves/disappointments of 2017, until Blowfly takes over and the gang goes gaga for...

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