#48 The Star Wars Holiday Special!

Dec 24, 2017196 minutes

HOHOHO.... Happy Life Day!

'Worst Christmas Ever' Mix 2017 by Dj Maxx Bass

Dec 21, 20171826 minutes

Happy Holidays from Clinton St. Records Jared!

#47 Beyond the 7th Door!

Dec 12, 2017181 minutes

bizarro canucksploitation puzzle movie

#46 Leather Jacket Love Story!

Nov 28, 2017224 minutes

Psyche! Said we were watching Beyond The 7th Door, but totally tricked you. Instead we went intimate with David DeCoteau's very personal hunk-meets-twink love story. You'll have to wait for Canucksploitation-puzzle weirdness. All the usual...

#45 Blue Sunshine!

Nov 14, 2017197 minutes

Join us as we take a psychedelic trip into Jeff Lieberman's alopecia-sploitation classic, 1978s 'Blue Sunshine'. Plus, Catch and Release, Fun Film Fact, In Search of the Perfect Podcast, What Movie Is This?, James Best!, listener feedback, and...

#44 Rumpelstiltskin!

Oct 31, 2017178 minutes

In our final installment of the painful Mini Monster Month, we check out blatant Leprechaun rip-off Rumpelstiltskin (1995)! Plus, best and worst movies out this week, Songs on Trial: Halloween Edition, Fun Film Fact, In Search of the Perfect...

#43 Ghoulies Go To College!

Oct 25, 2017177 minutes

Join us in our mostest smartest show ever as we check out Ghoulies III: Ghoulies Go To College (1991)! Plus: Catch and Release, PG Boobs, Dr. Snuggles "Fun" Film Fact, Songs On Trial, What Movie Is This?, James Best, and higher education...

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